February 27, 2017

Singing since the age of six, brought up with strong church roots. Luther, aka Promisethetruth has been writing and creating music. He was always a passionate storyteller and man of his word says his late father Luther senior, whom gave him the name “Promisethetruth,”which stemmed from him taking care of his dad before passing from renal failure in the early years of his career. He began his journey as a self-proclaimed singer freshman year in high school, performing at his school talent contest with a group of individuals he self selected. ”The feeling” he said on stage “was so immeasurable” this kick started a brand new undying love for music. After high school he set his sights on Hollywood, then after a month of sleeping on mall roof tops and parking structures, to false hopes and dreams promised by many at Santa Monica’s infamous Promenade, again he came up short on everyone’s list. He persevered never allowing his spirit to be lessened. A Family member sent his demo to a friend in Atlanta that hit the desk of the CEO of a new record label, Helium 4 Music, he was quickly teamed up with Ced Solo who had produced several hits for Anthony Hamilton, Heather Headley and remixes for Brandy, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. He has also written and recorded songs with P Diddy’s go-to writer, “Lo Down”. After a unyielding two years of craft building, he was then sought out by Billboard Charting producer Marcellus “Hanzdown” Dawson through management to work on an album in late 2013 that was completed in early in 2014. Co-produced and engineered by Grammy nominated engineer Ray Seay, the album was set to release in the summer of 2015. Due to management imbalance, Promise decided to put his destiny into his own hands and step away from the situation.

He has now placed his music in a strategic marketing plan and teamed up with New York native Jason Buchwald, originally a classically trained pianist and composer Jason, aka “JB” to collectively create music no one has yet to discover. With his latest single “A Million Signs” which represents the idea of love not only being physical/visual but also attacking the thought that love exist in emotions and moments that occur in a million different signs and ways. To conceptually grasp the meaning behind this song is to imagine that everyone lives one life, and in that life no matter what age, race, or country you live in, we all at one point in our life will experience something similar to one another. Whether it is love, pain, abandonment or disease and that there are so many different interpretations of love and that you have to find those signs even when they don’t appear so apparent. His single has been getting airplay and has peaked on Record World at number 36 on National Airplay Top 50 R&B/Hip hip charts.

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