April 17, 2017

Artist You Should Know- Miss Krystle

PUB Staff

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Pop queen Miss Krystle wills in a new era of her music career within the first two minutes of her new album by belting, “never gonna hold me back, I can take care of me… I gotta keep them dukes up!” The Miss Krystle of this confident pop collection, Woman In Motion, feels like she is revealing her true personality for the first time. Entertainment attorney by day and musician by night, this new album tacks an aggressive maturity, touching on a broad range of subjects, including drugs, sex, heartache, female empowerment, and overcoming social pressures. A femme fatale persona that is fun and flirty, and never trying too hard, Miss Krystle is in control of her own euphoria.

Miss Krystle’s third album, produced by That Orko, is a brassy, sleek, and dynamic pop production that lets Miss Krystle’s powerful voice soar to new emotional heights. We like the infusion of bang pop, trip-hop, sex pop, hip-hop, and EDM tracks, making the album a journey from start to finish! The most impressive thing about Woman In Motion is Miss Krystle’s honesty and mastery of who she is. Having grown from her days competing in Miss American pageants, to starting her own entertainment law firm, to starting her own record label, Miss Krystle is a unique and undeniable force in the entertainment industry.

Miss Krystle managed to make one thing very clear with Woman In Motion: She knows exactly who she is as an artist. There is enough variety in topics and styles to show that Miss Krystle doesn’t just try new things – she nails them. She is clearly a woman in motion!