April 30, 2017

Mr. Miranda Premieres Latest Video- Big To Somebody

PUB Staff

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Hailing from Phoenix, Mr. Miranda delivers another gem in the form of his latest single, “Big To Somebody”, from his latest album,“Dave’s World”. The album, produced by 3Kubebeats, features club and party friendly joints that guarantee to bringĀ  a feel good vibe to the your ears. Check for Mr. Miranda’s track, “No You Don’t” on The People’s Urban Beat Radio. Track Listing for “Dave’s World” is as follows:


  • 1.) Michael Jordan
  • 2.) We Don’t Care (ft. M.P.R.E.S.S)
  • 3. ) No You Don’t
  • 4.) Big To Somebody
  • 5.) Diana
  • 6.) Living The Life (ft DJ M2)
  • 7.) Why You Wanna
  • 8.) On Point
  • 9.) Long Live The Warrior
  • 10.) Do Me



To purchase Mr. Miranda’s latest album go to http://mistermiranda.com/product/daves-world-by-mr-miranda-3kubebeats/