June 1, 2017

Artist You Should Know- ChevyGurl “Skinny Jeans”

PUB Staff

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ChevyGurl is ready to take the music seen by storm even though she has not put a genre on her style. She states she will let the world name her style for her which has a Hip Hop/R&B flavor with a strong Pop feel which makes her sound enjoyable for all ages. ChevyGurl says this has been a lifelong dream to become a Hip Hop, R&B, Pop Star, and she understands that it want happen overnight but she has nothing but time on her hands.

While one may be tempted to dismiss ChevyGurl as just another addition to the already crowed scene of female rappers, but take note: ChevyGurl smooth rap style is anything, but more of the status quo. ChevyGurl has the right combination of classiness, smoothness, and drive with a lady like substance for good taste.